• Folding WheelchairAdjustableBed
  • Folding wheelchair with 180 ˚ reclinable backrest.
  • Made of steel chrome plated, antirust tubing.
  • Optional: powder plated, ability to be equipped by Toilet, rear and front wheels pneumatic tires.
  • This high-backed model has a 180˚ reclinable backrest and can be fitted with various types of armrests and leg rests.
  • Equipped with 24 inch back wheel solid rubber that is durable, mounted on the main frame for superior self-propelled performance.
  • Swinging detachable elevating leg rests with aluminum foot boards.
  • For easier transportation the wheels provided are 8 inch made of solid rubber, waterproof.
  • Heavy-duty inner liners keep seats and backs from stretching, detachable headrest and armrest.