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 Gomhoria - Horus factory was built in 1985 by Dr. Mahrous Taha. We are one of the most known and active welfare projects which is producing and selling Wheelchairs and artificial limbs in the middle east. We have a wide experience in this field since 50 years ago. We can supply high quality Wheelchairs as well as dependable artificial limbs , medical aids and belts and other health care implements for disabled person. To help the disabled person's family and to share cares and burdens for the country is the purpose of our factory.

 A Preview For our Factory !
Gomhoria - Horus Factory is a deep-rooted well established factory for the manufacturing of Wheelchairs and medical aids in the middle-east. We are exporting our products to many countries allover the world especially in Africa and Gulf area. We offer a wide selection of wheelchairs which promote recovery of active life styles for disabled people . We offer a wide variety of clinical services including fitting, fabricating, designing and repairing artificial limbs and orthopedic braces. We also have different rehabilitation programs to help the disabled how they can use the artificial limbs easily under supervision of specialists in this field. Support services are provided to assist our clients and their families.